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All uniforms will be provided by WHPW.

To be Purchased by Parents Prior to August 1st the First Day of Practice:

  • Mouth Piece (flag / without strap; tackle / with strap)
  • Athletic Supporter and cup
  • Cleats
  • Optional Items: gloves and or arm protection

    Supplied by Watchung Hills Pop Warner

        • Flag:
          1. Flags and belt
          2. Game day jersey and pants
        • Tackle:
          1. Helmet
          2. Shoulder pads
          3. Rib Guard
          4. Girdle and Pads
          5. Knee and Thigh Pads
          6. 3 Jerseys: 1 practice; 2 game day (home and away)
          7. Football Pants: 1 practice and 1 game day
    Uniforms will be collected promptly at the end of the season. Uniforms must be returned in excellent condition (please remember all game jerseys are only one year old). This is one of the conditions of return of your bond money.

    Uniform Washing Instructions:

    Gentle cycle, cold water machine wash. NO BLEACH, NO DRIER!