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All uniforms will be provided by WHPW.
To Be Purchased By Parents:
1.      Sneakers, bodysuit, briefs and socks can be purchased at L&M in Middlesex beginning mid-February.
2.      Warm-up suits are available for purchase. Forms can be found on our website
3.      Hairbows can also be purchased. Further info to be found on our website.
4.      A separate turtleneck, to be worn at competitions only, needs to be purchased for all competitive teams (Jr. Pee Wee, Jr. Midget and Midget). 
Practice Apparel
1.      Gym clothes and sneakers. WHPW logo practice apparel can be purchased through L&M also.
2.      Large sole sneakers are prohibited.
3.      No jewelry.
4.      Hair should be pulled back off the face. Beaded hair is prohibited.
                     Game Day Uniform
1.      Assigned uniform, accessories and sneakers.
2.      No Jewelry.
3.      No glitter.
4.      No nail polish.
5.      Hair should be pulled back off the face.
6.      On cold days, WHPW apparel or team colors should be worn to keep warm.
Uniforms can only be worn for WHPW events.
Uniforms will be collected promptly at the end of the season. Uniforms must be returned in excellent condition (please remember all uniforms are brand new). PLEASE BE SURE UNIFORMS ARE CLEAN WHEN RETURNED. This is one of the conditions of return of your "bond".
Washing Instructions:
Gentle cycle, cold water machine wash.
Dry Cleaning is best